Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Evening classes are held on Monday and Wednesday, and morning classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 














Taught by a chartered physiotherapist

We provide mat work based Pilates classes  focusing on strengthening the core muscles - all classes are taught by a chartered physiotherapist and certified Pilates instructor.

Who will benefit from Pilates?

The answer is simple… everybody!

Our Pilates classes are suitable for adults of all ages and levels of ability. At CoActive Physio, we teach Pilates as part of the rehabilitation process for conditions such as back pain, shoulder injuries, and knee pain… but it is also great as a general muscle balance exercise regime for those without pain but who wish to improve their general posture/control/sport technique. Injury and pain prevention is a further benefit of the Pilates method.

Small groups allow for more individual tuition

There is a maximum of 8 clients per class, keeping the classes small allows for more focus on individual technique and goals.

If you are not sure if Pilates is for you then get in touch with Sarah for more details, or book in for a one to one Pilates session for a personal  introduction to the Pilates method, with specific focus on your own goals. It is required that all clients have an initial physiotherapy assessment or a one to one Pilates session first before commencing the classes, this is for your benefit so that you get the most out of the classes.

"I absolutely love the classes and feel my body is becoming strengthened and toned. Sarah wonderfully explains what to do and you feel in very safe hands.  I compare it to a computer that's been reset every week. I come out of the classes energised and always so glad that I have been."

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