Mummy MOT

Who Needs a Mummy MOT®?

Up to half of all women experience weakness in both the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and up to a third still have a tummy gap at eight weeks post-birth. This can cause instability or poor core strength leading to women developing pelvic or back pain or bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction. These conditions should not be something you should just put up with as a result of having a baby.

It's recommended that women have an initial assessment after their 6-8 week GP check, but we also treat women who gave birth years ago that may still have a tummy gap or related pelvic floor issues.

Specialist Physiotherapy

All our pelvic health practitioners are fully trained and licensed to carry out a Mummy MOT®. Mums need to bend, squat and lift so we provide clinical postnatal care and functional exercises for female clients following birth (no matter how long ago).

Initial 1-Hour Assessment

  • Full postural screen
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment
  • Abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation
  • Screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction

Follow Up

  • Education and advice on safe activities such as lifting your baby or pushing a buggy
  • Bespoke rehabilitation programme with your goals and lifestyle factors in mind
  • Written report of the findings of your assessment


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Thank you so much for yesterday Sarah. Your practice is exceptional!

After having my second baby I haven’t felt quite right and so I decided to try a mummy MOT. My appointment was with the amazing Carla. To all mummies with any post pregnancy issues my advice would be to go!!! We talk so much about breast feeding and baby worries but so many of us don’t talk about the changes to our own bodies that are totally normal and as Carla proved to me, easy to deal with! Fabulous facilities, expert care and finally someone who could help! Thank you so much Carla!

Jayne, Chester

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