Podiatry treatments are provided by our on site podiatrist Jenny, who provides the following foot health services at our Chester clinic:

  • Routine Nail Care – nail cutting, management of thick nails, nail injuries, fungal infections (fenestration), conservative care for ingrowing toe nails
  • Routine Skin Care - Dry skin, callus (hard skin), cracked heels and corns
  • Diagnosis and management advice for verruca, fungal skin infections and general foot pain
  • Diabetic Foot Health Assessments – Completed annually for those with diabetes and are at risk to prevent complications
  • Assessment and management of tissue viability, pressure relief and wound management – offloading, padding and dressings
  • Foot Health Assessments - Neurological and Vascular assessments for all new clients
  • General assessments for episodes of trauma, infection, reduced circulation and any other factors that may impact integrity of skin or mobility
  • Footwear advice

For more information on Jenny's podiatry services, please visit the JRP Podiatry website

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