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One to One Pilates

One to one Pilates sessions can take place either within our dedicated Pilates Space at the CoActive Clinic, or  online via webcam with an experienced physiotherapist/APPI Pilates instructor. We will focus on your own personal goals during the session, incorporating the key elements of the APPI Pilates method. Please call 07919 411845 email sarah@coactivephysio.co.uk to book a session.

One to one Pilates sessions are a good way to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from Pilates classes, or develop your practice alongside classes. We will discuss your goals, and make sure that Pilates classes will be safe and appropriate for you. You can then feel confident when joining the class, and equally we will be aware of what your aims are and ensure that you are well supported and safe during your Pilates practice.

One to one Pilates tuition is also great for those who would prefer to exercise privately or perhaps have specific fitness goals or want to see improvements faster than working out within a group setting.

Our one to one Pilates sessions are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist and certified Pilates instructor. This guarantees that they have the skills and experience to help you focus on the right exercises and train at the right level.

One to One Pilates

Pilates mat work

Mat work Pilates is Pilates in its purest form... using your own body weight to create resistance to improve strength, posture, agility and flexibility.

Pilates reformer

Pilates reformer

Reformer Pilates takes mat work to the next level, adding in additional resistance through pulleys and springs, which can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat work Pilates.

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