Mark is our on-site Senior Orthotist and Gait Analysis Clinician. He has years of experience under his belt and can assess and help clients from all backgrounds with any problem - be that a neurological condition, musculoskeletal pain, sports injury or someone who is pain free but noticing issues with walking or perhaps wants to look at improving their running or sporting performance, for example. Mark works closely with our physio team at CoActive Physio, plus other specialist physiotherapists such as pediatric physios specialising in children's services. He is highly experienced and offers our clients a multidisciplinary approach to their biomechanical health.

What is an orthotist?

Orthotists are extensively trained in mechanics, bio-mechanics and material science, along with anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. They provide gait analysis and engineering solutions to patients with problems of the neuro, muscular and skeletal systems. They design and provide orthoses that modify the structural or functional characteristics of the patients' neruo-muscular and skeletal systems enabling patients to mobilise, eliminate gait deviations, reduce falls, reduce pain, prevent and facilitate healing of ulcers. They treat patients with a wide range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke, spina bifida, scoliosis, sports injuries and trauma.

RS scan analyis & bespoke orthotics service

We are so excited to be offering this amazing service at CoActive Physio through Mark.

The Phits 3D printed Orthotics are manufactured using the latest technology in digital gait analysis. The RSScan Footscan provides an accurate dynamic gait analysis from the leaders in plantar pressure measurement.

Mark will carry out a clinical and biomechanical assessment of your foot function and gait and ask you to walk over the RSScan© device. This combined assessment allows him to formulate a prescription that is bespoke to you.

The scan he takes allows him to see the way your feet act when in contact with the ground. Mark can then relate the clinical assessment and see pressure areas or at risk points on your feet.

Phits Orthotics are ultra lightweight and fit into almost any type of footwear or sports shoe. However, they are not only for sports people. Mark has used them for all ability levels from runners, footballers and rubgy players to ramblers and day to day walkers.

Mark can also prescribe and provide other types of insoles, orthoses and joint supports, depending on your requirements and assessment findings. He also provide the Optogait Gait analysis service which is a more comprehensive form of movement analysis for both walking and running gait. Check out our Gait Analysis service page for more details.

Expert witness

Mark has experience of expert witness work writing. His in depth, up to date knowledge enables him to act as a highly effective expert witness, including giving evidence in court. He is able to assist in cases where any level of orthotic intervention, opinion or expertise is required. Reports are prompt and concise with clear explanations of any medical or technical terms.

Mark is trained in report writing and holds the Bond Solon Civil Procedure Rules Expert Witness Certificate. He is able to accept instructions in all aspects of Orthotic care including clinical and professional negligence and trauma. As an alternative to clinic appoitments, Mark is able to travel nationwide to assess claimants on a domiciliary basis.

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“Since consultation and fitting the orthotics my balance has improved, knee strain eliminated and my posture has improved due to better alignment of my hips.”


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