Gait Analysis & Orthotics

Gait Analysis

Having a full in-depth analysis of the way you move during gait - be that walking or running - can be essential in highlighting root causes of ongoing injury or pain, as well as screening for potential problems.

At CoActive Physio, we combine the best in clinical expertise with advanced technology, to provide you with a premier gait and biomechanical analysis service. This service provision is run by our on site orthotics and gait specialst, Mark Waldron.

Digital Footscan Analyisis

The footscan analysis uses a digital pressure plate that records precisely how you load your feet during each part of the gait cycle, using advance technology. This in turn gives us information not visible to the naked eye about how you are dissipating force and load through your body. Your clinical expert will show you the data and explain precisely how that corresponds to your symptoms or performance concerns.

Video Analysis

Video analysis further adds to the footscan data, and allows real time measurements of pelvic, hip, knee and foot/ankle positioning.

Expert Clinical Assessment

This data is all taken in context with the subjective and objective assessment our gait specialist performs within your session - addressing your posture and muscle power plus functional ability (balance tests, squat tests etc) to provide a truly bespoke gait and biomechanical analysis that goes above and beyond other assessments.


Your clinical gait expert will provide you with treatment solutions based on your analysis; these may be exercise based, technique training, and/or orthotic support to aid injury recovery and/or and pain prevention.


Our orthotist Mark is highly experienced in orthotics assessments and prescriptions.

Using the Footscan data from his gait analyses, Mark can design and prescribe bespoke 3D printed insoles that surpass all other insoles on the market!

Phits Orthotics are ultra lightweight and fit into almost any type of footwear or sports shoe. However, they are not only for sports people. Mark has used them for all ability levels from runners, footballers and rugby players to ramblers and day to day walkers.

Mark can also prescribe and provide other types of insoles, orthoses and joint supports, depending on your requirements and assessment findings.

Orthotics may be foot insoles, ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), knee braces, or lycra garments (for eg hypermobility syndrome presentations). Orthoses modify the structural or functional characteristics of the patients' neuro-muscular and skeletal systems enabling patients to mobilise, eliminate gait deviations, reduce falls, reduce pain, prevent and facilitate healing of ulcers.

Mark provides orthoses for patients with a wide range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke, spina bifida, scoliosis, sports injuries and trauma. For more information on Mark's Orthotics services, please visit the Cheshire Orthotics Website.


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“Since consultation and fitting the orthotics my balance has improved, knee strain eliminated and my posture has improved due to better alignment of my hips.”



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