Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

CoActive Physio is excited to launch the Chester Gait Clinic! Combining the expertise of our Senior Orthotist and Gait Clinician, Mark Waldron, with advanced technology, we bring to Chester an innovative system of movement analysis and functional assessment.

The Optogait optical detection system

The Optogait uses an LED communicating system to acquire numerical parameters in real time for gait, running and jump tests that can be viewed immediately.

This advanced gait analysis is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk or run. It is also commonly used in sports to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.

By acquiring the fundamental parameters of our clients’ gait, Optogait allows our experienced clinicians to quantitatively measure underlying mechanical inefficiencies and target any problematic areas. With this information, they can develop the right exercises to properly address the client’s specific needs.

Images are acquired through two cameras which allow synchronization with detected events. You will receive a print off of your gait results and the option to purchase a full written report of the findings/recommendations and a copy of the camera footage.

Optogait Gait Analysis


How we can help you

This system of analysis allows us to evaluate normal and pathological gait. We can look at running, walking, jumping, and static parameters. We can use these readings to help improve sporting technique, address injury rehabilitation, identify deficiencies, postural problems and asymmetries on the basis of data and videos, develop an exercise programme to address these deficiencies and improve your gait. A qualified and experienced physiotherapist will help guide you through your gait data, and highlight areas for improvement – your bespoke programme will include exercises and hands on techniques if appropriate. Further follow up gait analysis sessions will allow you to monitor your progress/improvements.

We can also use this advanced technology to assess you for corrective and supportive orthotics. Our Senior Orthotist, Mark Waldron, has a wealth of experience in assessing for and prescribing top of the range insoles and orthoses to help our clients' gait , pain recovery and sporting performance.  Check out the Orthotics service page on our website for more details.

Who will benefit from a session at the Chester Gait Clinic?

  • Runners/sporting clients who want to improve their technique
  • Patients experiencing pain with walking/running
  • Patients requiring orthotics
  • Clients who are purely interested in having a full gait analysis
  • Anyone and everyone!

Services and prices

Full biomechanical and gait analysis using Optogait:

  • Full biomechanical assessment including functional movement screen, computerised gait analysis, discussion of results with experienced clinician, individualised corrective exercise programme
  • 60 minute appointment, £95
  • With additional full written report/dvd , £110

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