Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron BSc BAPO

Senior Orthotist & Gait Specialist

Mark is an experienced and highly skilled Orthotist. His primary role at CoActive Physio is providing our clients with in-depth gait and biomechanical analysis and orthotics assessments, supporting our physiotherapists and podiatrists in providing a holistic approach to healthcare provision. He came second in the national Orthotist of the Year Awards, highlighting his reputation amongst his peers and clients, and continues to strive to give hs patients the best possible care.

Mark graduated as an Orthotist from the University of Salford in 2006 and has spent his career enhancing his skills by taking a central role in Paediatric Clinics, multidisciplinary Foot and Ankle Clinics, General Orthotic Clinics, Diabetic Foot Clinics and Adult and Paediatric Spinal Clinics. During his time in these roles Mark has worked closely with Orthopaedic Consultants and the wider multidisciplinary teams.

As an orthotist, Mark is extensively trained in mechanics, bio-mechanics and material science, along with anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. He provides gait analysis and engineering solutions to patients with problems of the neuro, muscular and skeletal systems. He designs and provides orthoses that modify the structural or functional characteristics of the patients' neruo-muscular and skeletal systems, enabling patients to mobilise, eliminate gait deviations, reduce falls, reduce pain, and prevent and facilitate healing of ulcers. He treats patients with a wide range of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke, spina bifida, scoliosis, sports injuries and trauma.

Mark is a dedicated professional who approaches both routine and complex tasks with compassion and empathy whilst striving to achieve an outcome of the highest standard.

Mark is HCPC registered and is a member of the British association of Prosthetists and Orthotists BAPO.

Expert Witness

Mark has experience of expert witness work writing. His in depth, up to date knowledge enables him to act as a highly effective expert witness, including giving evidence in court. He is able to assist in cases where any level of orthotic intervention, opinion or expertise is required. Reports are prompt and concise with clear explanations of any medical or technical terms.

Mark is trained in report writing and holds the Bond Solon Civil Procedure Rules Expert Witness Certificate. He is able to accept instructions in all aspects of Orthotic care including clinical and professional negligence and trauma. As an alternative to clinic appointments, Mark is able to travel nationwide to assess claimants on a domiciliary basis.

More information about Mark's services can be found at

"I contracted Polio in 1958 which left me with wasting in the left leg.   After treatment I was able to live a fairly normal life in terms of mobility but in recent years, as is the case with many Polio sufferers, I have experienced further weakening in the left leg especially around the ankle.

I have tried various supports, mainly obtained online, which have provided a reasonable level of extra support, but I felt I would benefit from the advice of an Orthotists and a one-to-one fitting.

After reading Mark's website which was informative and easy to navigate I made an appointment.   The process was straightforward and during the assessment Mark recommended a suitable Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) which was fitted the following week. I have found the AFO is comfortable and meets the extra support I need.    Also, discussion with Mark has helped me understand my needs better.

I would recommend anyone in my situation to contact Mark for an initial assessment."

- Neil A


"I just want to say a big thank you to Mark from Cheshire Orthotics, who I saw at your Coactive Physio practice in Chester. Mark was recommended to me by a podiatrist, who felt I needed custom-made orthotics for my feet. I have complex problems due to having severe hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This has led to collapsed arches, bunions, torn tendons in my feet, dislocating toes and resulting pain, a pronounced limp and resulting knee and hip issues. I have been really battling to walk at all. Mark has been extremely thorough, starting with an computerised gait analysis.

I have previously had NHS orthotics which have not made a significant difference And have taken weeks to arrive. Mark’s are in a different league and arrived quickly.

I now have custom-made orthotics that enable me to walk normally, without acute pain and without a limp. I am enormously thankful and can highly recommend Mark to anyone needing custom-made orthotics. "

- Andy


"I met Mark when I came as a carer to bring my client for gait analysis. We found Mark to be friendly and professional, dealing well with the learning difficulties and personalities in front of him, and we are now reaping the benefits of a pair of customised insoles that are helping to balance the pelvis and increase balance and therefore stamina with walking. So good we have ordered another pair! I would highly recommend Mark and his service."

- Joy

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